Color, Black & White, Hight-Key, Low-Key, Soft Focus, Special Props,
Family/Friends, Indoor, Beautiful Outdoor, Wooded Areas, Gazebo, Park
Light/ Bench, Boulders and Foot Bridges.

Traditional, Contemporary, Casual, Formal and Classic.

Fun, Relaxed, Casual and Stress-free.
Commercial    Industrial   Weddings  Portraiture  Special Events
“Serving professionally
since 1977”

(541) 485-1970

Eugene, OR
Rick Russell is an award winning photographer in the field of commercial, industrial,
weddings and portraiture. Rick brings over 20 years of experience to a profession he
loves and enjoys the opportunity to meet and work with new and returning clients on
daily basis.
Rick Russell Photography is a member of
Senior Photographers International, where
the latest in posing and lighting techniques
are learned and made available to you. Your
portraits will reflect individuality, creativity
and variety. You can design 100% of your
session or leave it to me…your choice.
Rick Russell Photography, Eugene Oregon (541) 485-1970